Fizibil Mühendislik & Yazılım

Fizibil Engineering Software Limited Company was established in 2015 to prefer 15 years of academic experience in structural analysis to the sector.The company has been continuing to produce domestic products about engineering software for 4 years.There are two package programs except for special projects, consultancy and software analysis and improvement of new products continues.Academic studies are usually (frame structures, truss structures, steel structures, historical structures, etc.) static, dynamic, nonlinear and plastic analysis of structures, structure-ground interactive analysis of minarets and tower type structures, structural optimization, lightweight structure design, quantity, 3D city information system, geographic information systems, etc.and software-based and/or product-based studies are ongoing.

Project consultancy services include masonry, analysis, and verification of reinforced concrete structures, modeling of historical structures, static dynamic analysis, and verification.The first package program, Fizibil Scaffolding Analysis Program, was the first to be launched in 2016 when the scaffolding project imperative began as a static project supplement.Fizibil Scaffold Analysis software, which has features such as generating a three-dimensional bar finite elements model of static scaffoldings, static analysis, reporting after confirmation and design and giving dwg project drawings, has been demanded with user-friendly, easy, understandable and simple usage.

Other software Fizibil Masonry Analysis, It can be used in masonry structure design and verification according to TBEC 2018(Turkish Building Earthquake Code-2018), and it can be used in risky structure analysis of masonry structures according to RBDP 2019(Risky Building Determination Principles-2019).Supported by cloud project storage, the program provides easy, serial modeling of projects with an advanced and convenient data entry interface.It also provides fast, reliable analysis and understandable reporting with advanced tools and analysis features.According to RBDP 2019 published on February 16, 2019, systematic finite element method analyzes are required since many new rules have been introduced such as risky structure analysis and verification, mode combining and distribution of slab loads by modeling and analysis of walls and floors with finite elements.Using Fizibil Masonry Analysis Program, the desired analyzes can be performed by the methods described and there is no obligation to use any other software to use any of the features of the program.